Colin McEwen
Instagram @colinmcewen

Colin comes from the Hotel and Restaurant Management industry with guest services being a high priority for Colin within his career. After 15 years in that industry, Colin was looking for change, both in life and his career. He began to travel, making New Zealand home. Opportunity soon fell in his lap when he met a man by the name of Len Keith, a well-known hair stylist. This opportunity opened his eyes to an industry that was unimaginable to him, and was just the change he was looking for. After graduating from the Aveda Institute and Academy programs, Colin made his way to London, England, where trends begin and inspiration is abundant. During his time there, he fed his hunger for knowledge, and cultivated his skills both in hair, and in business. Upon his arrival home Colin, worked for Civello Salon and Spa as a senior hairstylist for nearly 7 years in the heart of Toronto. Building a clientele, Colin fuelled his ambitions to one day own his own salon. After years of hard work and dedication, Colin made his dreams a reality by opening “My Salon On Richmond” in the lower east side of the City. Using everything he’s learned, Colin can truly say that he offers exceptional service with amazing work behind it.



Ash Ainsworth
Social Media Specialist

Ash Ainsworth is an artist and media creator from Toronto, Canada. From music and fine arts to social media and live event coordination, when it comes to creating, Ash is a Jack of all trades. His unique perspective and colourful personality bring a vibrant energy and style to My Salon On Richmond’s online presence. Community outreach, live social events and having a laugh or two are just a few of the great contributions Ash brings to My Salon. Life is art and Ash always finds new ways to share and enjoy it with others.